A love letter to Nelson's birthplace, "No Place But Texas" is so rich with scenic imagery it makes even the most blue-blooded Northerner consider pulling up stakes and relocating to the Lone Star State. Written by Alex Harvey — who also penned Tanya Tucker's "Delta Dawn" — the harmonica-heavy travelogue sounds tailor-made for the Texas tourism board. The song also lays out the author's burial wishes. Whether they are Harvey's or even the Red Headed Stranger's authentic requests, or a bit of artistic license, to hear Nelson sing "When I die, I hope they bury me/on the Pedernales River/beneath a live oak tree," is to confront the inevitable: that country music will one day feel a loss of Texas-sized proportions.    ” - John Hudak

Rolling Stone Magazine

The songwriter Alex Harvey, one of the men behind "Reuben James," soon became one of my best friends. He was one of those writers, like Mickey Newbury, who wrote from a place I could really appreciate but could never seem to get with my own writing. I wrote or cowrote some hits like "Sweet Music Man" and "A Stranger in My Place" (with Kin Vassy), but my accomplishments in this regard are modest compared to those of soulful writers like Alex. A great example is the song he wrote for the First Edition called "Tell It All Brother." Here is a song that asks people to take a look deep inside themselves and examine their own conscience - at least to internally "tell it all.   ” - Kenny Rogers

— "Luck or Something Like It" Book

“Alex always puts on a wonderful show…not just wonderful, but a show that truly touches the hearts of everyone in attendance. You just have to love the honesty and the emotion Alex brings to a performance.” ” - Kevin Lynch, Publisher of Sunset Magazine
“For years we have utilized Alex Harvey’s shows as a great event for our clients. Each year our clients ask for and look forward to this event. Alex’s performances, talent and relationships with these clients are a bonus. I have used other groups, but none treated our clients as well as Alex.” ” - Steve Moore, Director of San Antonio Convention and Visitor's Bureau
I have personally known Alex Harvey for over 10 years and have known his heart through his music a lot longer. Over the past few years Pier 1 Imports has sponsored several of his shows in Dallas, Chicago, and other areas to showcase his talent. He's had a great career, but I believe he has a greater future. ” - Marvin Girouard, Chief Executive Pier 1 Imports
...yet another soulful performance from the Alex Harvey Band. This is the 2nd time that we have had you as the featured evening entertainment for one of our company events. In both cases the company wide response has been emotional and moving.  As your performance evolves through the evening it just keeps getting better and better.  You change lives through your music.   ” - Henry Bedford, CEO Southwestern Company, Nashville, TN
Alex Harvey made a tremendous impact on the people of Harpeth Heights Baptist Church.  His music is centered in Christ Jesus.  The music was not only pleasant to listen to, but also presented a clear proclamation of Biblical truth. The thing I loved most was the genuineness of his heart and ministry through song.  Alex is an everyday man that has been captured by the love of God.  He is an extremely talented musician.  His joy in the Lord is contagious. I highly recommend that you invite Alex to be a part of your ministry.  He will inspire, encourage and entertain your people to the glory of God. ” - Dr. Richard Lee, Sr. Pastor of Harpeth Heights Baptist Church, Nashville, TN