Alex Harvey - Performing Artist/Songwriter/Author/Actor


You might call him Delta Blues or Country Rock; depending on the song he is singing, but the one consistent thread is definitely "SOUL."

Alex has been successful throughout the years, selling over 300 million recordings; each recorded by a diverse list of performers. Artists such as Sammy Davis, Jr., Dusty Springfield, Henry Mancini, Andy Williams, Eydie Gorme', Peggy Lee and Andre Kostelanetz as well as other artists like Bette Midler, Tanya Tucker, Willie Nelson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jimmy Buffet have been successful in their own careers utilizing one or several of Alex’s songs; Kenny Rogers recorded 18 of his.

He is a true songwriter who has created some of the biggest crossover hits of our time. Kenny Rogers has stated, “Alex Harvey is the best songwriter I have had the pleasure to record.” A touring performer and recording artist who has also gained recognition as an actor; both in films and television: “Fire Down Below” starring Steven Seagal, “Country,” Jessica Lange, “The Long Summer of George Adams,” James Garner, “Dallas,” “Walker Texas Ranger,” “Days of Our Lives.” and many others. In addition to all of this, he has written songs for both film and television; including a few of those mentioned above.

If that wasn’t enough, he has now become an author with regard to his new book, “Texas 101, What Every Non-Native Needs To Know" which is full of short-stories about Texas (a place he holds dear to his heart).  Alex states, “It's a fun read for those out-of-state house guests who need to be educated on the finer points of being a Texan.”

Yet, even with a substantial career in the film and television industry, this talented artist could not deny his heart for music; his true love which called him home. The question that is most asked of him is, “So, do you still write?” Which always causes Alex to laugh while he quickly follows up with, “How can I not? It’s my calling!”

He continues to be passionate about music and of the ministry it has spawned. Alex sheds light on his next move by saying, "I need to deliver the message...that really moves me. I can’t help but allow my heart to speak through my writing which is directed by God…and I always have to keep my eye out for the next door He is going to open."