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The Songwriter: NEWS

"Texas 101"

I'm proud to announce that I have finished my new book, "Texas 101, What Every Non-Native Needs To Know." It will be online for purchase very soon.

Sunset Dinner Cruise/House Party

Be sure to book your Sunset Dinner Cruise while the weather is still great.  Interested in a house concert?  It's easier than you think.  For more information about the dinner cruise or house concert please call:  931.205.4303.  Looking forward to being a part of your special occasion.  Alex Harvey

New CD's Coming Your Way

Take a look at what is coming your way soon...CD's of albums long since thought gone.  

  • Purple Crush - "Every Now & Then I Have to Cry", "Someone I Didn't Know"...
  • Preshus Child - "Tulsa Turnaround", "So I'm Down But I Ain't Out", "Catfish Baits"...
  • Souvenirs - "Rings", "Old Fashioned Feeling"...
  • Alex Harvey - "Jesus Man", "Hoodooin' of Miss Fanny De Berry", "To Make My Life Beautiful"...
  • No Place But Texas - "Puddin' Eyed Dog", "Love is a One Time Thing", "No Place But Texas" (this song is the "official" Texas state ballad)...
  • True Love - "Makin' Music For Money", "I Like to Hear the Rain"...

You can pre-order any of these - click the contact tab and tell us which CD you wish to purchase. They will also be available on CD Baby in a few short weeks.  

Christian CD coming soon!

Finishing next Christian CD soon.  Looking forward to getting it out to all of you. 


Be sure to friend me on facebook/aharveysong - I'll be adding new information about my band, new songs on reverbnation, and more. 

God's Blessings

God has been truly blessing my fiancee' Gineille and myself with opportunities to share our ministry and are very thankful for this. We ask for continued prayer and protection. May God bless you!

TEXAS 101 - February, 2018

Alex's newest CD, TEXAS 101 is HERE!  Get your copy today!

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