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The Real Delta Dawn

Posted on November 5, 2012
The Real Delta Dawn
I believe it’s time that the true story be told about Delta Dawn.  This is a song that was created for my mother, Emily Jeanette, who had passed on. 
My mother was the daughter of a share cropper, in Sun Flower County, Mississippi.  She was the fourth of seven children.  Being from a share cropper family meant that from the moment you became old enough to work you worked.  She was a beautiful woman and she worked very hard as a child and as a woman approaching adulthood.  She had dreams that one day her shining knight would come, sweep her off of her feet and take her away to a better world. 
My father came from a pretty good family in West TN.  If you come from a pretty good family, you would probably lie about it and say you came from a really good family in West, TN.  He wore a tailor made suit, a starched white shirt, a neck tie tied in a Windsor knot and a pair of Edmond Clap shoes.  On his head he wore a Stetson [...]
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Continued blessings

Posted on October 31, 2011
All praise and glory to our Lord for continued blessings of sharing my music and ministry.

We are updating Alex's website but, you can purchase Alex's new book, "Texas 101, What Every Non-Native Needs To Know" and CD, "Texas 101" via e-mail or telephone.  Just go to the contact page and enter what item(s) you would like to purchase.  Someone will connect back with you shortly.
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Hold tight, Alex Harvey is getting ready to release his new CD Both will be available soon!

Alex is working on several projects - so stay tuned!

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